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Back and forth between your ears like your gaze is stuck inside a mirror
I don't want to tell you what you don't want to hear, but I think you know it anyway
What goes up must come down, the Tower you built, your wealth and crown
the higher you go, the farther you fall until you hit the ground

Castles of sand tides wash away
Green leaves turn brown, blue skies turn grey
All that you love, all that you hate
All you've become will crumble

When it all comes down
and it all will fall down
yes it all will come down

You got your science and technology, your bright and shiny fast machines,
but you're living in a rusted fantasy that doesn't work anymore.
You think that you are free, but I don't think you know what that means,
even the bankers are bound to their greed, there's no way out but down

Nothing you do can take away the fact that you will die some day
All that know, all that you've made, all you have seen will fade

When it all comes down
and it all will fall down
yes it all will come down

With bricks of denial, with the mortar of lies,
on the foundation of a fantasy, you build to the skies.

The cold hard ground is calling you down, it will cradle you in your grave

You clutch what you hold dear so close to you chest
Watch it fade through your fingers til nothing is left
That for which you hunger hungers also for you
Death is a debt to Nature due

That Tower you built all your life has become a sacrifice
to human pride and avarice, so what will you do now?
Your visions are all obsolete, all you've got left is reality
standing in the rubble of yesterday's dreams, what will you build now?

Now that time has burned away all your ties to yesterday
what will will you find? What could remain, now that you've surrendered?

When it all comes down
and it all will fall down
yes it all will come down


from Apocalyptic Dreams, released November 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hills and the Rivers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Post-apocalyptic river folk. From the roots to the branches, the springs to the sea.

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