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released September 22, 2014

Isaac Hill: Tenor guitar & banjo, vox
Heidi Hill: Tambourine, shaker, harmony vox
Ian Hill: Mandolin
Noel Mullen: Flute, harmony vox
Faith Hersey: Djembe
James Bristol: Standup bass, album art
Chris Fazio: Fiddle, Trumpet
Ben Barson: Baritone sax
Johnny Snape: Washboard
Chris Blake: Accordion
Joey Schuller: 5 string banjo
Kasey Fusco: Suspend cymbal & claves

Words and music by Isaac Hill except for the 3d verse of "Buskers" by Jim down by the river.

Produced by the Hills and the Rivers
Recorded and engineered by Kasey Fusco



all rights reserved


The Hills and the Rivers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Post-apocalyptic river folk. From the roots to the branches, the springs to the sea.

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Track Name: Wait Until the Morning
If you wait until the morning, there’ll be nothing left but love
If you close your eyes & sleep babe, it’ll be me you’re dreaming of
But tomorrow will bring tears, & freedom from some future pain
If you want to know the truth dear, it ain’t me who’s all to blame

Let me tell you truly, you are lovely like a dream
That lingers on my mind all morning, ‘til noon’s hot reality
But you know I’ve got to leave you, it’s the summer & I’m free
I can’t stay with you forever, if I can barely stay with me
Track Name: The World
I’m in the game in the thick of the weeds & I do not know where I’m going to be
In the end. In my dreams it comes down so much faster
Than in the books, but in the streets they all know
They know & they know how it’s going to go

& it goes, round again & it comes to where it ends
So it goes round again, in the World as in the heavens

But in my dreams it comes down so much faster
Than in the books, but in the streets there is blood
& there’s booze & there’s bums & there’s suits & ambulances & the boys in blue
There’s junkies in McDonald’s trying to catch the news
& there’s crowds of me & crowds of you and I know
I know & I know how it’s going to go
Track Name: The Trickster
I think it would be nice / for you to follow your own advice
When the devil is at your door / ya gotta go & sin no more//
How would it look to you / if the world was just lit with truth
Cuz life is a simple gift / when Love is all there is//
How would it look to me/when illusions are all I see
Cuz there ain’t no need to fight/ when the information is right//
I think it would be wise / for me to follow my own advice
When the Trickster tarries with you / you gotta give that devil his due
What the hand finds to do ya gotta do with all your heart
Track Name: In the Spring
In the spring, in the spring, when the sunshine sings & the forest echoes in bloom
& you have what you need by the sycamore tree, & you know that your lover is true
& your faults & your fears recede from your ears, & the triumph of summer is soon
& the walls that you build are toys to be filled by the whims of your spiraling mood

How quickly summer comes & leaves begin to fall
How slowly anamnesia grins inside the fog

In the wasteland of the Empire, in the Appalachian hills
We are fighting a battle to learn how to be still
As the world burns, we fuck ourselves & doubt if we have will
King Ludd wakes, the bells breaks, like a mid-October chill

& where am I know that all the leaves are gone…?
Track Name: Goin' to See My Lord
Lost in the World & I’m lost in myself, I thought that I saw you but I couldn’t tell
*So I’m goin’ to see my Lord
The fake & the false are the same as the real, I long to be where I cannot feel
I sat by the river and watched myself float, I long to be where I do not know.
Track Name: The Door
All in all I know, easy come, easy go, but my daring turns to vertigo as I look below
Thru city streets, thru the traffic beat, thru the siren’s call inside the all, I know I’m free

Cuz I’ve waited at the door so many times before, my heart can break no more
& I’m wonderin’, if this is how it’ll be, can it just be this easy?

In city streets, in the traffic beat, in the siren’s song we are one, I am you, we are free
But the world blooms on, & in Babylon, I still sing the same old song; it won’t be long
Track Name: Here and then Gone
If I didn’t remember who you are, would you listen to the World in my heart
Feeling stupid in the back of the room, thru the darkness, all the smoke & gloom
I fall on my knees to feel your soul
Or I wouldn’t remember who I was, & trade your memories for all of my trust
Feeling stupid in the back of my head, the silence fills it loud enough to wake the dead
& fall on my knees to feel your soul / all that I am is here & then gone
Track Name: Buskers
I sing for my whisky, I sing for my food, I sing for my smoke & I sing for my mood
The day began with a sunrise, the night will end with a sunrise
I sing for the spangers, I sing for the suits, I sing for the drunks & I’ll sing just for you
I sing for the rivers, I sing for the sky, I sing for all the pretty girls as they pass me by
Track Name: All the Way Down to Your Heart
We stand alone outside, sharing a cigarette & I just want to fuck you
But we share just the air, just the breath, not the earth, not the touch
& the waters rise as the fire subsides
& it goes down slowly, it bends it’s shape & then recedes
It moves in & out again like breath like sex like suffering
All the way down to your heart
All the way down to it, don’t want the World to stop spinning
But it does and you & I are caught in it
Track Name: Belly of the Beast
Look into the sun & know you’re one, even in the darkest days of summer
Look into the sky & know your fear, even when it seems to disappear
You are in the base of the belly of the Beast
You are me, life everlasting, feeling in your skin
Look into the world & know your soul, even when it seems like a black hole
Look into your self & know your role, even when the gates of heaven open up
You are in the base of the belly of the Beast
You are free to live while you can be feeling in your skin
Track Name: Roll On
All I know & all I will, all I dare but I just can’t sit still
I know what you want when you say my name
I know that you want what you came for
Gotta roll on, gotta roll on
Don’t you wait until the fire burns out,
Don’t you wait until the tide rolls out
All I do and all I see, all that I am can never not be me
The rhythm of the river is the shape of the shore,
Like all that there is never can be more, no more.